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2x-y=0 Solve for variables Example
2x^2-2x+3=0 Quadratic Equation Example
x^2-5x-8=0 Quadratic Equation Example
2-3=0 Evaluate Example
2x-2y-xy Simplify/ Evaluate Example
2x^2-2x+6=0 Solve for variables Example
4x+2=2(x+6) Simplify Example

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Worked Algebra example

In algebra, a quadratic equation is a mathematical expression of the form ax^2+ bx + c = 0, where a \ne 0. Such equations can be solved through completing square method simply by transforming them into perfect squares. This can be achieved by introducing a new constant.

See the following example,

Assuming h is a constant, we can write x^2+2hx+h^2 =(x+h)^2 is a perfect square.  The process of creating perfect squares makes use of algebraic identity, which represents a nicely defined algorithm that can be used to find solution to a quadratic equation.

However, not all quadratics can be reduced into perfect squares. Going back to our initial equation  ax^2+ bx + c = 0, where a \ne 0. The function can be manipulated to create a perfect square simply by adding a subtracting the right constant.

Ideally, adding one-half of b/a squared to both sides of the equation "completes the square", thereby converting the Right hand Side into a perfect square. We can deal with the RHS perfectly well since it is a constant. 

Solving quadratic equations by completing the square calculator

Solving quadratic equations using the completing square method can be a challenge sometimes especially if the function does not factor out nicely. With our online completing square calculator, you never have to worry about such occurrences. Simply type in your math problem on the textarea provided, click the calculate button to get the results. The calculator is free and easy to use.

An online algebra calculator that solves quadratic equations using the completing square method,

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Completing the square word problems

What if I have some math word problem that needs to be solved using the completing square method, Does the calc support such? Indeed, the calculator solves any mathematical expression, which means you have to reduce the word math to a math expression in order to use the calculator. However, You can get expert solution for your word math problems by asking our math Experts Here .

Acceptable Math symbols and their usage
If you choose to write your mathematical statements, here is a list of acceptable math symbols and operators.

  • + Used for Addition
  • -Used for Subtraction
  • *multiplication operator symbol
  • /Division operator
  • ^Used for exponent or to Raise to Power
  • sqrtSquare root operator
Pi : Represents the mathematical Constant pi or \pi

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