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Enter Pairs or equations above separated Either ',' OR a ';' eg. x^2-y^2=4,2x-y=9 OR x^2-y^2=4,2x-y=9 Click the button to Solve!

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A free Web Simultaneous equations Solver

This web Simultaneous equations Solver will show you how to calculate/ solve simultaneous equations online step by step. The system of equations calculator can solve any system of equation including linear, none-linear, quadratics of 2, 3, 4, or 5 variables. It works with any custom variable e.g. x, y, z, etc. The web calculator for simultaneous equations is free and easy to use. It can also be used to solve a system of 3 unknowns such as 2x-y+z=9,4x-5y+8z=7; x-y+z=6. In addition this online equations solver can be used on any 2d system of equations (none-linear system) e.g. 2xy-y=9; x-y=3. Solutions for any system of equations can be found using the substitution method. Other methods include elimination, and Gaussian elimination method.

Quadratic simultaneous equation solver with Steps

This system of equations solver will also help you find solution of a system involving quadratics. Quadratics are equations with variable power equal to 2. Not only does EquationCalc’s solver provide you with roots or solutions to a system of equations but it also shows you a step by step solution strategy. The solver offers you an alternative way of learning how to solve simultaneous equations online through solved examples.

Simultaneous equation solver with graph

This online solver for simultaneous equations will also show you how to solve simultaneous equations graphically. Note that graphical solutions are only available for 2 dimensional systems of equations. This includes linear system as well as quadratic system of equations.

A graphical solution represents the points of intersection between the graphs of a given system of equations. To achieve this we graph both equations in the same co-ordinate system then determine the points of intersection between the two equations.

Online simultaneous equation calculator

With this online calculator, you can find solutions for any system of equations. The best part is that the calculator is free and available for all online users. The following example illustrates how to use the solver.

p>Here is a Worked example to illustrate how the simultanous solver Works:

simultanous equation solver
A free Web simultanous equation solver

As shown in the illustrations above, using this online calculator is very simple and straight forward. To begin with enter your math equations in the text field above. Your equations should be separated by commas or semi-colon. Once you have entered your math problem/ equations, hit the "Solve now!" button to process the solutions. Note you should only use acceptable symbols while you input your equations. Acceptable symbols are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Acceptable Math symbols and their usage
If you choose to write your mathematical statements, here is a list of acceptable math symbols and operators.

  • + Used for Addition
  • -Used for Subtraction
  • *multiplication operator symbol
  • /Division operator
  • ^Used for exponent or to Raise to Power
  • sqrtSquare root operator
Pi : Represents the mathematical Constant pi or \pi

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